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Don’t Buy This 5 Smartphone in 2022

Don't Buy This 5 Smartphone in 2022

So in today’s article I am little unwell. But we have brought such phones which are going unwell after this Basically, these are very famous phones. And everyone had listened about these phones But I will suggest not to buy most of them. Will tell it’s alternative also But firstly, if you find the artile good then leave a like. And if you are new on the channel then please share it. After getting well You will get awesome videos back to back.

1st Phone

So first comes the very famous phones IQOO 7 and 7 Legend. Now I am saying no to both these phones Because IQOO 7’s price is around 30k Rs. And legend is priced around 40K Rs. now also. And in this price range IQOO have recently launched their 9 series. And the phones they have given Like if I talk about IQOO 9 or IQOO 9 SE. These are more powerful phones compared to them And as it’s a upgraded series. We will see upgraded things also Like if you are getting IQOO 7 in 25k. Then still it’s a powerful phone And if you are using this phone then you don’t need any upgrade.

But if you want to buy a phone in 30k currently Then I will say IQOO 9 SE is most powerful phone till now in 30K. Like it’s cameras are the best in this price segment performance is already great. With it they have done many minor changes compared to 7 If you want to know about it then you can check out my video. And second thing is that if you are thinking to buy the legend Then also you can buy the 9SE. Because it give a pure competition to Legend Whereas if you have budget around 40K. Then I would suggest you to buy 9 You will get more power. Because it has the powers of 888+ And you can also check it’s video on my channel.

2nd Phone

Now next comes the budget phone Realme is launching phones back to back and it is Realme 9i. Although it’s 9 pro but let’s assume it as 9i 😅 (Ahh! He scammed us again). And avoiding it you should buy Redmi note 11 instead. Now there are many reasons behind it Firstly 9i have a IPS panel. In Note 11 we get a OLED panel And it’s the actual Note 11🤣, And it comes with IP53 rating. We don’t get any such rating in 9i And in 9i you don’t get any UFS 2.2 storage.

Only Vietnamese version have it In India we get 2.1. And here in Note 11 we get UFS 2.2 storage type, Due to which it performs slightly better in day-to-day life. So as much I have seen Redmi Note 11 looks slightly better to me. Whereas if you don’t want to buy Note 11 and you need a clean UI. Then you can buy the Motorola’s G31 You get a clean experience in it. And the only disadvantage you get in it is that it have a OLED panel but you don’t get any high refresh rate there Only this thing. Rest you get a complete clean experience.

3rd Phone

Now next phone is going to burn our pockets😢 It’s the iPhone SE 2022. We can call it SE3 also And why I am saying no to buy this phone, Means I have a very strong opinion. Last time they gave the same model This time also we see the same model, It looks like that they have many bodies of iPhone 8. And in it they are just adding new chipset The Soc we get in it is A15 bionic. Rest if I judge it’s performance in 45K Then it’s going to be the best. But only performance is not everything Here still we get a small display With big bezels and chin. Now if it’s apple that doesn’t mean that they will launch anything.

Here we get the touch ID Which we request from apple but we don’t need it like that. So here the display you get It is also not full HD. Here it’s a HD panel But it’s pixel-per-inch density is ok only. But as per 2022 Here this phone is not looking worthy. And the price in which it comes like in 43-44k In the same price after adding 2-3K Rs. Either you can buy iPhone 11 and if you need 5G phone only. Then you can buy iPhone 12 There you get a OLED panel. And according to me when I tested A14 and A15 bionic chip. Then I didn’t got much difference So in performance also both are going to perform equally. So here you should buy iPhone 12 instead of SE.

4th Phone

Next phone is my personal favourite phone, Samsung’s A52s 5G. And it was launched in 35k. But it’s price got reduced to 30K, Because many people criticized it. So Samsung reduced it’s price very early And in 35K maybe this phone wasn’t bad. Because it’s display was very great Cameras still are one of the best in 35K category. And with it it’s battery backup, performance and everything was great. But now I am saying not to buy this phone.

Now behind it’s there’s a very big reason Because today when you are reading this article. Then Samsung would have launched their A53 in foreign market So in India also it’s going to come very soon. So I will say to save your money And buy the A53. Because when A53 will come them A52’s price will reduce more. Although there isn’t much difference in design, But yes this would be much difference in performance. And also Samsung improves cameras very fastly. So here I will say don’t buy A52s Wait for A53.

5th and Last Phone

Now the last phone we have Is the India’s first phone with 120W fast-charging. And as much it got hyped It’s getting the same disgrace also. It’s the Xiaomi 11i 5G hypercharge And it’s rating on amazon is only 2.5⭐ stars. And I have already told in my article that even if we get OLED panel in it. But it was having very high over-sharpening, And it’s display’s performance in day-to-day life Was not good at all. And with that we got to see major disadvantage in camera. Because there was very big issue of over-sharpening in this phone’s cameras. And they don’t perform any good And in day light they make skin tone very strange.

We showed you earlier also It looked like you have got plastic surgery. So cameras were not good at all And with that in 120W charging they offered. As much they have claimed in marketing The actual output was not the same. And if you have buyed this phone Then share your experience with me in comment section. So avoiding this you can choose any other phone. Which comes with dimensity 920 Or you can check many Realme phones. Because in this price range Realme have launched many phones. And Realme use to give competition to themselves 🤣. So if you also want to add any phone in the list. Then you can write in comment section I read your comments 100% And also likes the same. So that’s it guys for today’s article.

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