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Huawei Nova 9 SE Unboxing & Review in 2022

this is a Huawei nova 9se. for starters this is my new mirror and finally a decent phone with a.   massive 66-watt fast charger brick out of the box and a pair of USB c earphones right out of the box.   i’m wondering if the lack of google service leaves less than nothing to be desired on this smartphone.   what’s up guys it’s victor here again In this video we will unbox the Huawei nova 9se.   actually, this is my first Huawei device ever and the first to be ever featured on this.   channel so it’s kind of an original feeling for me and i had some experiences with this one in.   terms of the user experience, the software, the  Huawei app store, and i am excited to share my.   experience in this first impression video so with that out of the way let’s get the unboxing started.


all right the Huawei nova 9se came in this white minimalist box and i adore minimalism and thanks.   to Huawei for sending this review unit. opening the box we have the Huawei nova 9se starting. glaring and shining like a diamond. kilode! I fell in love the moment I met this device face to face. this color here is called crystal blue however it comes in two other colors. midnight black and. pearl white. next is an envelope housing the protective TPU. the case then the user manual. then the sim ejection tool. we also get a charger brick right out of the box. this is the 6-watt brick i. just can’t stop talking about this because it is not easy to come by a decent midrange phone with. a charger brick inside the box. anyway, Huawei said this charger can get you up to 75 percent in 20. minutes. there’s also the USB C to USB A cable with an orange color ascent and finally my favorite. inclusion is the USB type-c earphone. so that’s all there is within the nova 9s is box the phone.

My Opinion  

is beautiful and sturdy and my first impression holding it for the first time was a positive one. my only problem with the design is the mirror surface. I personally do not like gloss and shine.  on smartphones because they actually catch a lot of dirt,  grim, face oil, and smudge. I prefer matte and neutral. the phone is made of polycarbonate or plastic and that means that it is sturdy and can withstand. drops.


talking about what it can withstand, i  think it can also withstand light rain, sweat. and dust because of the red rubber around the sim tray. regardless do not take this under the. rain. this device lacks a 3.5-millimeter audio jack but makes up for that exclusion by adding. a type C earphone in the box and they sound pretty decent. for the ports available on this device. let’s go from top to bottom. on the top, we have the sim tray, earpiece, and secondary microphone. the phone has the power button and volume rockers to the right. the left features an empty space. while the bottom has the speaker grille, usb c port  and microphone. the power button also doubles as a. fingerprint sensor and it works just fine. there’s also, a face unlock feature for extra security. but I miss having the option to unlock the device with a pattern.


The Huawei nova 9 SE has a 6.87   inches display with a resolution of 1080 by 2383 pixel making it a full HD plus display. the display is beautiful but it’s an IPS TFT display if that means anything to you. Huawei. is really generous to also include a screen protector already pre-installed on the device.  for my full in-depth review of this device please subscribe and stay tuned for that video. there is. a punch hole at the top center of the display and the display has very slim bezels around it. except for the bottom one which is slightly bigger than the other edges.


Overall the build quality. of the Huawei nova 9 SE is sturdy and feels nice to  own or have. inside the phone is a 6 nanometer. Qualcomm snapdragon 680 octa-core processor and general system GPU, 8 gigs of ram, and 128 gigabyte. of ufs 2.1 storage. Huawei says that the nova  9 SE uses a graphene heat dissipation system that. helps in cooling the internals. anyway in my few days of using this device I must say that heat. management is incredible or has been incredible.  something that a lot of people including myself.  might find as a problem is the lack of Google services here. that basically means that you are. not getting the google play store, Gmail, youtube and other google apps right out of the box.  like i said earlier this is my first Huawei device so it was hard for me at first until i found a way. to get all the google apps I want and they worked really well. Huawei management system and the app.   gallery has improved over the years. it now has a  lot of app developers publishing their apps there. it was nice to see most Nigerian banking and  productivity apps here too. in my full review. of this nova 9 SE device, I’ll be testing it out  thoroughly I’ll be testing the audio the camera. the battery the sound quality and i’ll also  be sharing how you can get any app you want. on this device. I’ll see you when I  see you in the next one. take care.

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