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iPhone 12 Pro Max and Mini Unboxing And Review

iPhone 12 Pro Max and Mini Unboxing And Review

Hey, it’s Riyad. And today we’re unboxing the gold iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the PRODUCT RED 12 mini. (upbeat electronic music) We’ve now got both of them unboxed. And I know we were recording B-roll, and really cool cinematic shots, but I about lost my mind when I opened up both of these. Because they are such a stark contrast of each other. We have this 12 Pro Max up against this 12 mini. Can we just take a quick second to do a little size comparison, because this is a sight to be seen. (laughs) (upbeat electronic music) Here’s the fronts of the screens. It’s kind of wild just looking at this Pro Max, because the size comparison, the actual physical size of this phone, is not much larger than the 11 Pro Max.

They were able to extend the screen slightly because of the way that this now was designed. The edges are all flat, and the bezels are slightly smaller. So it does give you just a little bit more screen, but when you’re holding it, it does feel about the same size as the 11 Pro Max, but it has a much easier hold because the edges aren’t rounded. I don’t feel like it’s gonna slip out of my hand. And now the mini. Can we take a moment just to look at how small this is. I don’t have very large hands, So this is (laughs) kind of crazy that I can just pick it up, just like this. So in comparison to the 12 Pro Max, I mean, what. (chuckles) So now let’s get our entire 12 lineup for 2020 all lined up. 12 mini is getting smudgy. So what are the differences? The iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 mini are basically the same phone. The 12 mini does have a slightly smaller battery. So you won’t have as good a battery life as the 12. And as for the 12 Pro and the 12 Pro Max, are almost identical, except for two things. The telephoto and the wide angle lens.

In the 12 Pro Max, it has a 65 millimeter telephoto lens, whereas the 12 Pro only has 52. You can also optically zoom in 2x for an even closer shot. The sensor on the Pro Max is 47% larger than the 12 Pro. And it also has sensor-shift technology, which is allowing for enhanced image stabilization. So the actual sensor is doing the stabilization as opposed to the lens itself. So here you have them. We’ve got the mint green, the gold, the Pacific blue, and the product red. Now the colors this year are a little bit more of a muted tone, as opposed to some previous years. I love the mint, and I am honestly very shocked at the gold. Now, when I first saw this gold in the keynote, I thought it was gonna be more of like an obnoxious gold, like a very yellowy sort of loud, but really, it is a very subtle, nice gold color. I absolutely love it.

But wow. Finger prints. I mean, let’s be real, I’m probably never gonna actually take this out of a case. So the gold, I really like it. Don’t even know which color I’m gonna end up pre-ordering as my personal phone. I think the white, but then I like the gold, but then the graphite will match my watch. And then the blue is also really pretty. Now that brings us to the red color. Product red. I do have to say, I think that this is the least red product red item, that I have ever seen. And that’s not a bad thing. Kind of seems like it’s more pinkish. Either way, I was pleasantly surprised with this color. I actually really, really like it. And the feel of this many phones. It’s times like this, where I wish that I didn’t wanna have the best top of the line iPhone, because this mini, it’s perfect. Like, the screen looks amazing. I really like it a lot. It’s so precious.

iPhone 12 line up

So I’m sure if you guys are avid iPhone users, you probably have seen all of the colors at some point across all of the multiple YouTube channels of people reviewing these. And I’m just wondering, what is your favorite iPhone color of 2020? Leave that in the comments below, and I’ll feature some of your comments in the next video. Biggest upgrade in the Pro versions is, you do have three lenses and they also have the LiDAR scanner. Whereas the 12s only have the two lenses, no telephoto, or LiDAR. But what’s really amazing is the fact that the 2020 iPhone lineup is pretty impressive all around. I feel like whichever phone you pick, like, you can’t go wrong. Obviously the 12 Pro Max has some upgrades, but I do love the size of the 12 Pro. It still has the extra lens, it has a LiDAR scanner, and I have been so impressed with it over the past few weeks that I’ve been using it. So you guys know that I will have plenty of follow-up videos. If you guys aren’t subscribed, please hit subscribe, and be sure to hit the bell as well, so you’ll be notified when I post a new video.

MagSafe & Accessories

But now, we have a few accessories. Of course, MagSafe. Each phone is equipped with a magnetic back. So. (magnet clinks) (soft electronic music) (gasps) Does anybody remember that game? I think that it was called Go Fish. And you had a little fishing pool and they were little fish in the pond that had magnetic mouths. Anyway, that’s what I feel like I’m doing right now. (magnet clinks) Wow. Pro Max, heavy. (chuckles) (soft electronic music) Still holding it up though. (magnet clinks) So the Pro versions are made of stainless steel around the edges, and the 12s are aluminum, so they are slightly lighter. Of course we know it’s no secret that there is no charging brick in the box for any of these devices this year. And yes, I know it’s been a meme and a real hot topic, but you guys all know that every other phone carrier is probably gonna follow suit.

So, do with that information what you will. Accessories. So I already opened this before. This is the magnetic wallet backing. So let’s see what that looks like on the mini. It fits, actually, wow, it fits perfectly on the mini. Anytime you place anything magnetic from Apple, it will give you a little signal there to let you know that it’s attached. (magnet clinks) (soft electronic music) You also have the 12 Pro Max. This is the leather case. So here it is. So you’ve got the little outline (chuckles) where the magnet resides. (case clinks) And let’s just pop this in. There it is. And it matches the color of the case. Oh, these colors look nice together. (gasps) Wow, wow, wow, wow. I’m just really shocked at how much I love this gold color. Wow. Wow.

The one accessory that I’m really excited to test out is they have this like foldable little charger, so you can charge your Apple watch, and then you can also charge your phone on the other side. This thing looks super cool. Next up we have the iPhone 12 mini leather sleeve. This is cool because it has like this little wrist strap. Wow, look at that! This is very interesting. It’s got the little camera bump cutouts. This should automatically change the color of the time to match the leather case when you put it in there. Wow, it did it! Wow, that’s cool! It even has like a little pocket right here, so you can put a credit card. (paper rustles) This is nice. This might be a cute bracelet. Okay well, it doesn’t quite fit. Here’s the directions. (accessory clinks) Look at that. That’s actually very nice. I just love that the clock in the background, it changes colors to match whatever case you have on it.

iPhone 12 Mini vs SE

So the mini, in comparison to the new iPhone SE, is as follows. You can tell that the mini is slightly smaller. You actually have much more screen real estate on the mini, than you do on the SE, because of the lack of the bezels. But what you do get on the SE, is that good old fashioned Touch ID. Probably gonna be next year, that Apple will be able to integrate Touch ID back into either the display, or they’re able to integrate Touch ID into the side button, like they did in the iPad Air. So here you can see what it looks like between the mini and the SE. Obviously you have much more screen real estate, because the screen chops here. Like, there’s nowhere else for the screen to go.

iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Mini

So here’s the Pro Max in comparison to the mini. (soft electronic music) So here’s the size comparison of the boxes. (boxes clink) This mini is very mini. (soft electronic music) (boxes clink) Well, the phones are officially in box. You’ve seen size comparisons, you’ve seen the colors.

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