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iQOO Z6 Review – Best Gaming Phone

iQOO Z6 5G Price In Bangladesh – Specifications & Review

So yes guys let’s start Ah! patiently I am sick🤒, So let’s see how much IQOO 6 makes me happy, So here IQOO have kept the box same That’s a good thing. The phone is very slim IQOO And phone is looking very slim. Rest we’ll talk about it ahead And it have a 18 W Charger. A USB to type-C cable And we get a sim ejector tool. Now let me set it up And meet you soon.


So the first question which many of you asked me. That IQOO Z5 Price was higher Then why’s the price of Z6 is low? So firstly this is not its successor. I think its successor would be IQOO bring a different phone. Now this is because The processor we get here is little weak compared to that. But still according to it’s price it’s processor is very great. It’s introductory price is ₹14K, And in ₹14K I have tested a lot of phones. And I said one phone as the best gaming phone in that price segment So here I would like to say that it’s changed now. And it have became the best gaming phone in this price. Now why so?

Performance and Network

IQOO targets most on the performance And this phone have snapdragon 695 processor, And this phone is 5G. Although it have only two five bands. So it would have been more But still the power we get here is massive. But for us now 4G is more important So , let’s test the 4G also. So first let’s check if we get 4G+ at indoor or not. And after clicking we can see that we are getting good 4G+ at indoor also. Rest indoor also the speed is very high as per the price. With that the snapdragon 695 processor we get in it.

Display & hardware

Like it handles 120 hertz very nicely which is present here. There aren’t any frame drops or jittering, With that we also get 240Hz touch sampling rate. Due to which as you touch or do intense gaming. Then its benefit is clearly visible And its app opening-closing speed is also nice. Because it have a UFS 2.2 storage So IQOO have given a very good hardware in this phone. And it is looking very identical Because it is much similar to T1. But it’s price is ₹1000 less compared to T1 So overall we have profit💸. So normal user won’t be facing any problem, It performs very smooth in day to day life. We also ran CPU throttling test in it, And we don’t face any throttling in it.

BGMI Performance & Sound

So now let’s talk about BGMI for those who want to play BGMI in it. So the settings we get in BGMI Smooth-Ultra , Balanced-Ultra , High in HD. So , first let’s play in smooth Ultra. So here mono speaker sounds good, With that we also get that 3.5mm jack if you want to do pure gaming in it. And there isn’t any type of tint in viewing angles in display. So you can do gaming very well, Rest let’s do some gameplay although I have already done it off-camera. So its performance I can say is very stable, Like I have done a lot gameplay off camera also. Firstly it’s battery is very well optimized, Here battery drop is also very low at the time of gaming. Secondly no matter how much heavy task you do in it, This phone do not get any warm.

So here heat control is also very nice And there’s one more reason behind it. It have a 5 layer cooling system, Which makes the phone cool very fast as soon as it warms. So here IQOO have kept that in mind So as much I have done gameplay in it. Stability is very great in Ultra also, And this processor is much capable. Like if it get extreme option then it will handle it very nicely. But here the thing is that Like many phones have came with this processor. But game developers aren’t providing extreme option yet. So here game devs should do a bit hardwork. So please provide the extreme option soon because the processor is very capable.


And good thing is that it comes with A12, Now as much phones I have tested in this price range. Maximum of them comes with A11, so IQOO have done a good thing here. And it have the funtouch OS 12 Rest you also get extended RAM upto 4GB. And one thing is great like even if you buy the 14k varient the 4GB one. Then with it you are getting minimum 128 GB ROM. So this is a good thing because many phone comes with 64GB ROM only in this price. So here IQOO haven’t done any compromises in storage also Rest in funtouch OS 12 we get very less pre-installed apps. As compared to earlier And you can uninstall most of them. Rest this phones looks little identical as I said But all-over in price the in-hand-feel its offering.

Like I have tested many phones in this price range. Of different-different Brands It is the best. Its very comfortable phone , very slim phone. And on back and side plastic is used, And most interesting thing is that, You can use it without cover also. Because the matte finish we get here, It’s not getting any smudges And I haven’t got any scratch yet. And it looks very attractive also Like it don’t look of this price range, it looks like a phone from around 20k. Rest this phone have a 5000 mAh battery 🔋. And great thing is that it have a IPS LCD panel with 120 Hz. And you can easily use it whole day, means its battery backup is very solid. And its processor consumes very less battery. So in battery backup part this phone is very awesome. Rest the 18W charger we get with this phone, To charge this phone Means to charge its 5000 mAh battery. It can take more than 1 hour.


Let’s talk about it’s display, So here we get IPS LCD panel. Due to which we get a side-mounted FP scanner. And its speed you can see it responses very fast. And here you get a dew-drop notch And the bezels and chin are very less as per the price. Rest its a IPS LCD panel with 120Hz refresh rate, And its a full HD+ display. And here display quality you can see its very nice. And there isn’t any type of tint in viewing angles. Rest this phone have a 600 nits peak brightness, It’s performing good indoor, Even I took it outdoor and it was performing good there also. So its display is also good. But if it have been punch-hole instead of dew-drop, Then it would be very great. Although every company is switching to dew-drop in this price-range.


Now lets talk about its cameras 📷. It have a 16MP camera in the front so let’s test it. So here light control is good 💡. Dome you can see it have controlled the light very nicely. And light control on face is also very good, and details are also very nice. Like I haven’t seen any phone in 14k, which offers this much good details. Here I have used POCO , Redmi note 11, In comparison with them its very great front camera. And I’ve tested it outdoor also, Outdoor also it performs very good. Although we see a white tone there but, there isn’t any type of over-exposure.

Details are very good and, Edge detection in portrait mode is also great as per the price. So I can say that its front camera is the best in this price range, Including the performance. Also it has a 50MP main camera at the back. And we tested it outdoor also. I haven’t captured much photos, as I’m not well. But as much we have taken the details were great, Colours were quite good Light control was also good. You can see in the background it haven’t over-exposed the sky. And according to the price point, it’s edge detection is also massive. So its main camera is also Great, And I can say that it’s the best in this price range.

Yes it have one thing missing that, we don’t see any ultraviolet camera. It means we can’t capture the world in our fist, So it’s the one thing missing. Rest we get 2 MP depth camera sensor, A 2 MP macro. Photos of which you can see So its cameras are the best. But Yes Ultra-wide feels missing So all over if you’re looking for a best phone in ₹14,000, So it’s the one. It’s cameras are nice, Performance is great. So according to me it becomes a complete package. And it’s in-hand-feel is already great. So here I can say that it’s a big thumbs, up from my side for this phone. So you can buy it if you’re thinking so, So tell me how was the phone, So that’s it Guys.

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