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Motorola Edge 30 Pro Full Review

Motorola Edge 30 Pro Full Review

Show in today’s article I have the Motorola Edge 30 Pro and we are going to review it for you, so let’s start.

So it’s a 5G phone which is clearly written on the box. So first unbox it then we’ll talk about it, so its unboxing experience is very clean. The phone is on the top, So as always Motorola gives the phone with the case applied, so case is good. And the finishing here also looks identical😅. So let’s put it aside rest phone’s in-hand feel is very premium and downside there are some documentations by which you can clear NEET exams (Anything ?). Motorola has given 68 W fast charger, it’s the first time we got to see this much fast charging from Motorola. And downside we got to see a Type-C to C cable. And Motorola is the only company which gives type C to C cable in midrange also, So this looks nice to me. The first thing you will notice in this phone is its UI, Its UI is very clean and there are no pre-installed apps.

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Saftware Of Motorola Edge 30 Pro

Here the UI experience looks like pixel, So we can call it as India’s pixel. Here you can see the notification panel, Control panel We get the big tiles as pixel. Although I don’t like one thing in A12, Which is for connecting the WiFi you can’t toggle it in a single step. You have to take 2 steps so I don’t like this about A12. This phones UI is same as the pixel If we talk about bigger widgets Or the watch here we get bigger watch also. So I can call it as India’s pixel, The 144Hz refresh rate provided in the phone. This makes the phone’s experience very smooth. There isn’t any frame drops or jittering in the UI It’s running very smooth. Even talking about the app opening closing. here it is also very fast it have UFS 3.1 storage and DDR5 ram. So we get a proper flagship hardware in this phone.


Although this phone is 5g with 13 bands, and if 5g rolls out in india. And that band isn’t in this list Then this phone will become compatible with that also. And we get triple carrier aggregation here 4g+ is also working indoor rest let’s check its speed, and indoor also its speed is looking great.

Performance Of Motorola Edge 30 Pro

Now the main thing in this phone is Snapdragon 8gen 1 processor. Which is also a controversial thing for this phone because when we an many YouTubers tested it chinese unit. There were a lot of heating issues normally also the temperature was going upto 50 degrees. But when we tested it now first the antutu score is great and its last temperature was noted 46-47 degrees. We got 84% consistancy in CPU throttling also, and therew wasnt any heating at the time of CPU throttling.

Also the maximum GIPS of this phone are amazing. So 8gen 1 is a massive processor and performing great here. Talking about BGMI gameplay with 8 gen 1, so settings we get are here great, smooth-extreme and Ultra-HD graphics with ultra FPS. So we get flagship settings here so let’s play the game here the gameplay is very smooth. Because they have used qualcomm’s unreal enginge 5 in it. Due to which we get much smoothness during the gameplay and if you play in HDR. Theny you get more amazing graphics, so even if you are a hardcore gamer then also you can do nice gaming. I have played 1-1.5 hours off camera also and as it went to 46-47 degrees during antutu.

It’s not present here in heavy gaming also the temperature here is 40-43 degrees. And if you play in any phone for 1-1.5 hours on high setting . then its a normal temperature. So there arent any heating issues for a normal user or gamers no matter how heavy task you perform. But just when you run antutu then you get 46-47 degrees temp. So this phone is a king in terms of performance.

Motorola Edge 30 Pro (Display Review)

Talking about the display protection, So edge 20 pro had gorilla glass 5, But as its a great processor at a good price. So they have provided gorilla glass 3 on the front. And talking about the display, so here we get OLD panel full HD+ with HDR10 + certification. And there isnt any tint in viewing angles and in this display you can stream content on OTT in full HD & HDR.

Also you can see here that the quality of display is great, and there isnt any tint in viewing angles. And its bezels are of its chin’s size😲 which are very low, Due to which we wont feel that if theres a chin. So this is a very good thing rest its display quality is top-notch and details are also great. We get 700 nits peak brightness in it its performing great indoor even when i took it oudoor it clearly competes with 1000-1200 nits brightness phones, and its outdoor visiblity is great.

Spakers Review of Motorola Edge 30 Pro

And if you watch content without earphone then theres special thing for you because it have stereo speakers lets listen to them. MUSIC The speakers are clean and loud and the bass also looks great. And a great thing is that if you listen to music using bluetooth. Then it have Qualcomm sound by which there will be 45% less latecny and sound quality will also be same.

Fingerprint & Haptics

Now the drawback i faced is its side-mounted FP scanner, no doubt its speed is great. But the price on which this phone comes and also with a OLED panel. We expect a in-display fingerprint scanner here, But all-over its speed is really fast. Talking about haptics as motorolla give solid haptics with variations so we get the same here so its good in haptics part also.

Motorola Edge 30 Pro (Camera Review)

So we get a 60 MP camera sensor in front not 16 it’s 60😅. So let’s check it out its capturing very eye-pleasing photo. And see the light control many people were saying that its HDR dont work properly. But you can see how good it controlled the light of dome and even on my face also and details are also ok. Although you can capture photo in high Res. Also in 60MP it will capture bigger photos in it. And all the cameras of this phone can record videos in HDR.

We have captured alot of photos outdoor also it controlls light very nicely in direct sunlight. Its depth of field is great edge-detection is good in portrait mode. These camera are basically good for those people who wants to click photo and directly upload it on social media, They dont want to edit it. So its front camera looks good as i have tested. Rest its back main camera is of 50MP with OIS and as much we captured outdoor. The light control is nice details looks good and depth of field is good.

I posted a photo on twitter not 1 but 4. in first photo many said that its HDR isnt working properly . its overexposed. I too felt it overexposed but when i compared it to S21 FE side-by-side, then it controlled light better than the S21 FE. Here are the results basically both of them controlled light nicely. The situation in which you are in the shadow light in background then even iphone cant control the light. So the back camera the main one is performing great.

It gives eye-pleasing colours its definately for them who needs eye-plesaing colours. Rest it have a 50MP ultra-wide camera sensor and when we captured photos details are good field-of-view is nice and light contol is also nice. And again the colours are eye-pleasing which depends person-to-person so tell me how was its photos. You can use the ultra-wide as macro also due to which details in macro are also good. Now theres a 2MP depth camera sensor which according to me was not required.

Build & in-hand Feel

Now i will talk clearly about its in-hand-feel and build, its in-hand-feel is premium. It have glass at back corning gorilla glass 5 with mat finishing and you can use it without cover also. And the design is subjective so tell me how it was but i think that its design should be little improved. Talking about side-frame its made of plastic, edge 20 pro had a metal one. But here to maintain the cost company have provided plastic so all-over its in-hand-feel is very premium. And you can use it very well in day-to-day life.

Battery Review Of Motorola Edge 30 Pro

When we used its chinese unit it was having 5000 Mah battery. But it is having 4800 Mah battery and we get 68W charger in box also. Now the 0 to 100 charging speed as per company is 30 minutes but when we tested it charged in 35-40 minutes easily. Also this phone supports wireless charging of 15W. Now talking about its battery backup, as per my usage its looking improved from the chinese unit i will tell properly when i use it 4-5 days more.


So all-over if you need pixel-like experience that also with massive performance because there isnt any processor better than this in android then you can buy it. Rest tell me in the comments that how was the phone and if you liked the article then share it with everyone. So lets meet with another cool and excited article Till then stay tuned with guyss ! BYEEE !!

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