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NEW Green iPhone 13s! Uboxig and review

Guess what we have today. The great news is you don’t actually have to guess, and judging by the title of the video, and the fact of the thumbnail, I’m holding two green iPhones. You guys know that we’re unboxing the new green iPhones today. These are the new iPhone 13’s, so we have an iPhone 13 Mini and the, is there a specific name for this green? Green, it just says green.


This is apple green, so this has an actual name, it’s very special type of green. So we’ve got both of the phones to unbox. We’ve also got an Apple Watch band, this is the Silicon Loop. See, this is where things get confusing. This color is called eucalyptus, which looks very similar to the other two. So we’ve got green, Alpine, eucalyptus. Are you also eucalyptus? You’re also eucalyptus, okay, good to know. So we have consistency in the band and the cases. Okay, so let’s unbox the iPhone 13 Pro first. Can’t wait to see this Alpine green. I feel like this is kind of very similar to the, what was it, iPhone 11? (upbeat music) Oh, whoa.

Are you fan of Green color?

Okay, if you’re a green fan, like this is definitely something that you’re gonna be into, like check that out. So this green also looks pretty similar to the iPhone 11. They did have the iPhone 11 in a very similar green color. Hoping that I do have one of the green ones so I can show you guys the comparison, if not, I know a friend that lives nearby, so I might have to go hunt them down, so I can see their phone color comparison. Here we have the iPhone 13 Mini, in the green as well. I love the mini phone. I think it’s really great.

Oh, this is a nice color. This matches my shirt quite well. So I like this because it’s like a more deep kind of a green color. Obviously you can tell this has the frosted glass back, where this has the more, just all glass back, so there’s not the frosted finish, but this does have the frosted finish on the camera, so it’s kind of just a little bit of a reversal. This green is actually very nice. Like I’m not a huge fan of the color green, but like if you are, this is great, which is ironic because my favorite color combination is camouflage, so you would think that this would be a color that I would like, but it’s gotta be mixed in with other color greens, and browns for me to be into it.

Apple Watch!

So we also have the new eucalyptus cases, and the Apple Watch band. Let’s open this band up and check it out. I have been wanting to switch out my Apple Watch band, and I was so excited because actually a Flamingo pink, one of the loop bands, God, what it’s called? It’s like the knitted one, the Braided Solo Loop, I was saying knitted. So I definitely have that on the way, and I’m super hyped about it. Here is the eucalyptus. Oh, this looks great. So I did end up getting the gold Apple Watch.

Here we go. I originally ordered the Starlight, and then I kept seeing the gold, and I was like, that is so beautiful, like I need that one. So I gave my mom my Starlight one, and I got myself the gold. I’ve had on this Milanese Loop for so long, this is not a good band to work out with, I have been, but it’s definitely not ideal, like this, this feels so much lighter now, wow, I’m moving and grooving. Let me go get my green Apple Watch. Here we go. The gang is all here. So this is actually, wow, that is actually a different green color. The eucalyptus is different, it’s kind of got a little more blue, kind of a tone. So this is the green Apple Watch that came out last year, and this is one of the green watch bands, so you can actually see, there is a color difference.

The new Apple Watch band, the eucalypti color, has more of a blue kind of hue to it. Let’s open up the cases and put our cases on. I just love that these all match, like, look at that, that’s beautiful. Here’s the iPhone 13 Pro, I’m just gonna say like I’m loving my iPhone 13, like, I have no complaints. Did forget about cinematic mode, until we used it the other day, and I was like, oh my God, that looks incredible. Forgot about it. You have an iPhone 13 and you forgot about cinematic mode. Here’s a reminder. Okay, iPhone 13 Mini. Let’s put you in your new home, new case, look at you, absolutely stunning. (upbeat music) Apple Watch band matches so perfectly. So I like that this green, still really matches these new phones very well.

The one thing that I do like is the fact that the Apple Watch matches, the actual Apple Watch matches these greens, and it looks really, really good. So they did do a great job of that, making sure that all of the green bands, and the green watch all kind of color coordinated together, cause like, look these all look pretty good. Now let’s take them outside for some, you know, slow-mo B-roll. (gentle music) (upbeat music) Went out and found ourself an iPhone 11 in green, to do a comparison between the green from the 11 to the 13’s. It’s pretty similar. It does seem like it has a little bit more, of like a bluish kind of hint, which is kind of similar to the bluish hint that they kind of put into the new cases.

iPhone 13 in a green with Apple Watch

Like I forgot how small the camera bumps were on the 11. That’s crazy to just kind of look back, to be like started from the bottom now we’re here. (upbeat music) Thank you guys so much for watching. Hope you guys enjoyed this first look at the new green iPhone 13’s. These are available right now, so you can order them, and I’m very excited about this because I do feel like there are some people who really wished that they did the iPhone 13 in a green, especially to match the new Apple Watch.

So if you are one of those people that wished and didn’t already buy an iPhone, it is your lucky day. I’d love to hear from you guys in the comments below, which iPhone color is your favorite, and if there’s a color that they haven’t made just yet, or you wish they would make again, be sure to share that in the comments. And if you haven’t already subscribed, please hit subscribe, hit the bell to be notified when I post new videos because it’s Apple season so you better believe, I’ll have some reviews for you guys, coming up very, very soon.

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