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NEW M1 iPad Air Review With Conclusion

NEW M1 iPad Air Review With Conclusion

Today we have the new M1 iPad Air, I’m so excited to check this out. Not only does it have the new M1 chip, but it also has 5G. So let’s start unboxing and check it out. Since we’re in the kitchen, we use a kitchen knife. And today we’re actually shooting this video at 8Ks so I thought we would switch up the set a little, just do a nice little unboxing in the kitchen, why not? This is actually the new blue color of the iPad. Can’t wait to see it. So this is the iPad Air 5th gen, this is the WiFi plus cellular. It is always so nice having this always connected.


This blue is so pretty. This actually looks way a better in-person than it did online. Like I thought the blue looked great but like take a look at this. This is a great color. So into it. Got our paperwork. Oh boy! Okay, fingers crossed that the Apple sticker is blue. Okay, it’s not, but that’s okay. I’m not upset about it. So we’ve got our USBC cable and our power brick.

Magic Keyboard

The new iPad air is also compatible with a Magic Keyboard. And I love this thing so much. If you’ve watched any of my iPad reviews, you guys know that I am the biggest fan of the Magic Keyboard. One, because it kind of turns this iPad into more of a computer laptop type device. It has the track pad. It also adds in an additional little USBC port here that allows for pass through charging. And this is amazing because that will also give you access to the USBC port on the iPad.

So that basically gives you a charging port and a data port, which is incredible if you’re actually using this to do anything where you need to charge and be able to transfer data. I also like that they came out with a white version of it too. So they do have have two colors, the black and the white. Look at you, look at you, look at you. See here, you see the track pad, your keyboard. And this is the smart connector that allows basically the case to connect to your iPad. And it also allows, like I said, for the fast through charging.

Apple Pencil

And of course we have the Apple Pencil. I’m not gonna lie, I have spent last three months drawing a project. If you’ve been following me on Twitter you probably have a really good guess of what it is. The Apple Pencil and my iPad has pretty much been attached to my body for the past several months. All that to say, this is compatible with the Apple Pencil too. Also the Apple Pencil is an incredible hair tie device. If you saw my TikTok, you know. Of course the iPad and Apple Pencil just docks right here, up at the top, which not only charges it, but connects it as well.

iPad Air puzzle

And one last piece to our new iPad Air puzzle is the Smart Folio and this doesn’t have a keyboard attached. This is less expensive and it basically will just keep your iPad safe. And you can also do a few different configurations here for different ways to view your content. This blue is so perfect. This is like a perfect shade. Like I love the compliments of this light blue with the dark blue. And that’s one thing that Apple really does such a great job of is making sure that all of their accessories have really great complimenting colors. So let’s put this onto the Smart Folio so you guys can see what that looks like. And this is so much lighter than the Magic Keyboard. Like that is one thing is this does, add a little extra weight.


It’s time to set up. This is always the most exciting part. This is one of my favorite features about the iPad Air, is the fact that they have touch ID on the power button and it’s added. This already has a cellular 5G for Verizon in it. Ooh, light mode or dark mode? I think I’m gonna go with light mode. And that’s it. It’s all set up. Now, I guess I gotta install some apps and get ready to test.

Feauters of M1 iPad Air 5th generation

So there are a lot of iPads in front of me but this is the one that we’re talking about today. This is the iPad Air. It’s the 5th generation which is bringing the M1 chip 5G connectivity. It has an improved ultra wide front camera featuring Center Stage and CPU eight core graphics with NextGen neural engine and eight gigs of RAM. You can get up to 10 hours of battery life on WiFi or nine hours on cellular. You can also now record up to 60 frames a second in 1080P on the front camera and take 12 megapixel photos which is up from seven on the previous iPad Air. You can also now shoot with extended dynamic range in both the front and the rear camera. I think a lot of people are going to be kind of confused now with the introduction of another iPad that has an M1 chip.

12.9in M1 iPad pro Vs 10.9in M1 iPad air Vs 11in M1 iPad Pro

So back here, this is the 12.9 inch iPad pro with M1. This is the 11 inch iPad pro M1. And this is the new 10.9 inch iPad air with M1 chip. So looking at the smaller iPad pro in comparison to the new M1 iPad Air, one of the biggest differences is that the pro iPad has ProMotion display. And this gives you an extra fluid feel when you’re actually using it. Now, this doesn’t make that much of a difference on the usability, but it is really hard to go back to a non-ProMotion display after using one with it for so long.

You can get a pro iPad with storage up to two terabytes whereas the iPad Air, you’re maxed out at 256 gigs. Now you do have upgraded cameras with the pro with a 12 megapixel wide, 10 megapixel ultra wide plus LIDAR. Now the Air only has the 12 megapixel wide camera and there’s no LIDAR. You will get faster transfer speeds with the USB and Thunderbolt 4 ports in the Pro and they also do have millimeter wave support. So that will allow you to have faster 5G. There are two speakers in the Air and there’s four in the Pro. and the Pro has face ID but it doesn’t have touch ID like the Air does in the power button.

Universal Control

I am so excited. I just updated my iPad and the new macOS Monterey so we can test out universal control. Now with this, I can use a mouse and a keyboard and I can control not only my iPad, but I can also control my MacBook which these two displays are hooked up to. And you can also have one other device as well. So you can have three different Mac products and I’ll control them with one mouse, one keyboard. And the cool thing about this is being able to drag and drop files from your iPad to your MacBook.

Why you should buy M1 iPad Air

Now cost-wise for WiFi, you’re looking at a starting price of 599 for 64 gigs in the Air. And the base pro model starts at 128 gigs for 799. I think it really comes down to price, how much internal storage you think you’re gonna need, will you need faster transfer speeds with a Thunderbolt 4 on the Pro. But I really think for most people you’re gonna be pretty happy with the new iPad Air because it can do just about everything that you’d need.

For all of my illustration stuff I’ve been using the iPad pro and it’s kind of interesting because when you’re using Procreate, the amount of layers that you’re able to create, depends on the amount of RAM that your device has. So the 128, the 256 and the 512 gig iPad models, only have eight gigs of RAM. But if you choose the one terabyte or two terabyte options that then gives you a completely specked up iPad giving you 12 gigs of RAM. All that being said, price is a huge factor. So the fact that you can do basically everything that these M1 pro iPads can do, here on the iPad Air, yes, there are some limitation, but I feel like that is something that you easily can work around if you need it. So I’m very excited about this introduction of this new iPad into the family.

I look forward to continuing to test that out and I am so looking forward to seeing what you guys think of these devices. I’m a huge iPad fan, and I am so excited to kind of see them out in the wild and see what you guys create. And if you’re not creating, that’s fine, consume content. We’re also consumers. It’s also pretty great for playing video games. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you guys have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.


I love the iPad. It has honestly changed my life over the past couple of months, just using it in a way that I never thought that I would ever use an iPad. I never really thought that illustration was something that I would get back into. So I’ve been having the best time. And I hope that you guys can find something that inspires you to kind of unlock something that you never thought that you would do again, like whether it’s playing a sport or drawing, or maybe you wanna start making article. And that must be the sign that I have to plug in my iPad, and it’s time to go. So I’ll see you guys later.

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