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Poco M4 Pro 5G Full Review

Poco M4 Pro 5G Review

So yes guys lets start !!! So in today’s article we have the Poco M4 Pro, and its a 5g phone and we get alot of bands also. So today i will talk about this Till then like the article if you find it good. So First of all let’s unbox it happy birthday to you poco 🤣 go open my charm😅. The unboxing was really smooth Let’s see what we get on the top Sim ejector tool. Some user manual by which you can crack IIT 😂 (what a joke)👏.

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Also there is a transparent case Great!! Lets put them aside and take a look into the phone. The phone’s weight is light looking really light. WOW ! The mat finish is the best thing i always say that i really like the phones with mat finish, because scratch and smudges cant be seen on it. And the build is quite impressive Lets keep it aside. Whats down there 33W adapter is provided by poco here you get 33W charging adapter inside the box also the usb to type-C cable Thats all inside the box.

Haptics & Price

The first thing i noticed while setting this up was it’s haptics. What a great haptics it is, really impressive feel. Firstly the haptics are great and also there are alot of variations, Like while changing the volume brightness etc. So we getting great haptics with alot of variations in this price range😲 I was just editing the article. And i have seen it’s price POCO kept really aggressive pricing which is 23,000 BDT only.

Network & Connectivity

Even at this pricing we are got total 7 5g bands untill 5g comes. Lets talk about 4g Firstly you can see gas kit is provided which will prevent water damage. And we get a hybrid sim slot where you can use 2 sims or 1 sim and 1 sdcard. Let’s insert the sim, in indoor also we get 4g+ rest lets check the net speed. And in indoor also we are getting speed of 25 Mbps for my area. That’s a lot speed So 4g carrier aggregation is working great in indoor and 5g bands make it future proof.

Build & In-hand Feel

So talking about the build and in-hand feel. So one thing is great that companies are making bigger phones nowdays, but also working the same for in-hand feel. Here this phone feels comfortable in day-to-day life as per my usage. it’s weight distribution is quite well and the weight is also not that much. So here i can say that its in-hand feel is quite good. The side frame is made up of plastic also back is of plastic. Although the plastic in the back comes with a mat finish due to which its fingerprint proof you can see there’s not a single fingerprint. Secondly the scratches are also not easily visible, So thats the most amazing thing in the design. And This part is just a design theres not any other part attached so there isn’t any gap here. If you have beard you can do like that😂 you don’t have to do um um like Gillatte😅. LAUGHS So here we have the cool blue color theres one more which is POCO’s signature color-yellow.


Upside there’s speaker grill IR blaster – POCO’s legendary feature. Although its really useful if you loose your remotes. Downside there is 3.5mm jack , Type-C port and again a speaker grill. As it have speaker grills on both the side so its obvious to have stereo speakers. So let’s test them first let’s play the music MUSIC sound is great. MUSIC POCO has worked great on the vocal part of the speakers And they are really clean.


Back is plastic but in front we get corning gorilla glass 3 protection. And about display its IPS LCD panel of 6.6″ which is Full HD. Also its a DCI P3 display and one more thing , as per its price point its chin is really thin and same goes with bezels. The 90Hz panel is performing really well there is no frame-drops or jittering. Also the display quality is Full HD+ and there isnt any tint in viewing angles. And this display is widewine L1 certified which means you can stream content in full HD on OTT platforms. And the colors of the display is also quite good. The peak brightness of this display is 510 nits it’s working well in the indoor but lets check the outdoor. It’s also performing well in outdoor there isnt any viweing struggle in outdoor.

Fingerprint & Software

And here we get the side-mounted fingerprint scanner. It’s speed is very fast and no compromises in day-to-day life. And the pre-installed apps are also very less in it. Although you can uninstall the remaining ones as its a poco phone so we get the poco launcher. Here we get the MIUI 12.5 based on android 11, but we will get the MIUI 13 soon. As it’s MIUI so many of you will ask about the ads and notifs. So till now i haven’t got any of them and one more thing. While setting up any phone i don’t enable unnecessary things. And here i haven’t enabled the personalised ads So i haven’t got any AD here.


Talking about the App opening-closing you can see the speed its really nice. Because it have UFS 2.2 storage and DDR4x RAM. Also here we get the dimensity 810 processor built on 6nm. And the performance is also good in this phone, We have run some tests. As we have run the CPU throtle test its performing on 78% consistancy which is nice. And we have also run the antutu test its score is 355000 which is also great. So on-paper its working great and i have noticed one more thing i ran these tests back-to-back but the phone didn’t got warm. So if you perform heavy tasks , it won’t get warm It’s handling the day-to-day tasks easily.

BGMI Performance

But lets talk about BGMI (PUBG)🎮, First lets talk about BGMI settings, but before that 3.5mm jack is present here whcih is great and its speakers are also good to go. Let’s see the graphics in the setting Smooth-Ultra , Balanced-Ultra and HD with high. The settings are OK with the price but it would be great if we get extreme also. So lets do a gameplay, Although i have already played off-camera. Firstly the display quality is looking good, Speakers are also loud enough. And for gamers theres a plus point that it have 240Hz touch smapling rate with 90Hz refresh rate. Normally brands give 180Hz touch samppling rate with 90Hz refresh rate so its really useful in gaming. I am getting 45FPS constantly in the game so the gameplay of this phone is really good according to the settings. And as soon as the extreme option comes then it would be more fun. Because it’s consistancy and heat management is really nice.


Now lets talk about the cameras, So in front we get the 16MP camera in punch hole. The edge detection in the portrait is quiet decent So we actually get the 16MP details in the photo. Light control is also good we have captured more photos also the indoor light control in also ok. And the edge detection in portrait is also ok, All-over it capture quite good photos in indoor. And we have also tested the camera in the outdoor, The stabilisation is really nice. And we also get the 1080p 30FPS option lets check the stablization by running SO POCO has worked great on stablization. Rest tell me in the comments about the video quality So the stablization in good int the video, And video quality of front camera is also good. And we have captured lot of photos also The dynamic range is really nice. Colours are also decent But if you go in direct sunlight then it will add warm tone to the front camera. And if you use portrait mode then the edge detection is nice. And when you are in the shadow then it captures impressive photos. For the back you must be thinking that there are 4 cameras but there are only 2 cameras. Here the poco have not provided the useless 2-2 MP cameras So that’s a good thing. Although the main camera is of 50MP And a 8MP ultra-wide camera. So lets check the depth of field for the 50MP camera So here depth of field looks fine to me. You can see how good the depth is now we have captured a lot more photos also in outdoor with it’s camera. As per my use it controls the light really nice in direct sunlight. And there wasn’t any warm tone in back camera but sometimes it make the contrast high. But when you come in the shadow then it captures nicely and in portrait mode its edge detection is really impressive. And it also have a 8MP ultrawide camera sensor capture the world in your fist😂. Not any type of over-exposure dynamic range is good and and the details are also good as per the 8MP camera. The phone is very slim and light-weighted.


But poco haven’t compromised it in the bettery. We get 5000mAh battery in it with 33W fast charging, And charger is also provided in the box😅. And lemme tell one thing This phone charges from 0 To 100 in only 60 minutes. And it also uses the parallel charging tech. When i got this phone it was having 61% battery only now its 25%. It have already given me the battery backup of 4 hrs. And it can give more also Even though having an IPS LCD panel with 90Hz RR it’s battery backup looks solid.


And on the price point this phone comes, it looks really impressive. Rest tell me in the comments if you need its review. So that’s it guys for today article let’s meet with another cool and exited article. Till then stay tuned with MobileErBazaar guys. BYEE !!!

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