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S22 Ultra VS iPhone 13 Pro Max! Review

S22 Ultra VS iPhone 13 Pro Max!

everyone wants to know which one of these flagships is better the Samsung galaxy s22 ultra or the iPhone 13 pro max so let’s go.


As you can see both these phones have some incredible cameras. So you can get some great picks night mode on the s22 ultra is so much brighter it’s more colorful and vibrant. Samsung takes it samsung also kills it with the normal. And times zoom i mean the difference here is massive and when it comes to macro shots. Iphones can get closer to subjects but samsung’s are still pretty great. What’s so nice about both these phones is you actually get a ton of different modes to try out. So whether it’s cinematic mode on the iphone or pro mode on the samsung you definitely have something to choose from. The portrait selfies are also killer on the samsung’s 40 megapixel selfie camera and it has much better edge detection your kind of standard pictures on both are perfect. But samsung’s are just slightly more saturated and when it comes to video they’re both great but samsung stabilization is better. So overall i would have to say that samsung take this one their camera system and software. Overall is just so good by the way make sure you stay until.


Okay so both these phones have oled displays which is great and as you can see they look amazing. The samsung does have a slightly curved display where its iphones is completely flat the s2 ultra is also slightly bigger than the iphone and it does have a higher resolution. And it’s no secret that samsung rock at displays plus the s22 ultra is much brighter than the iphone. So in direct sunlight like this the s22 ultra is much easier to see they are both super fast. But in the end i’d have to say samsung takes this one.


Now when it comes to the battery iphone has the magsafe option. Which i’m not gonna lie it’s pretty awesome with this magnet paper. You can see just how many magnets are on the back of iphone and to be honest i was really hoping samsung was going to do something similar to this on the s22 ultra. But ultimately they just kept the same wireless charging. And here you can see the difference between charging times. Samsung is about 10 minutes faster although the iphone’s battery is smaller. It’s lasting about 20 percent longer than the s22 ultra and that’s just a fact so this one has to go to iphone.

Sound And Speakers

If you love playing music and media on your phone which one of these has better speakers. Believe it or not i actually graduated in sound production. So i like to think i know a thing or two when it comes to the sound. So i did a bunch of tests with these bad boys against each other and the iphone sound is just incredible. They both have these top front-facing speakers but because iphones is bigger and more open like this the sound quality. Is much better they also both have a downward facing speaker and iphones again is just so much clearer. So the s22 ultra does have nice speakers but this one to me is an obvious one for iphone the sound quality just speaks volumes. So s pen samsung has one iphone doesn’t that clearly means straight off the bat. Samsung takes this one because iphone doesn’t even compete and with the s pen comes so many cool features. And things you can do with it that it’s really hard to go back but can you imagine apple actually making one built into their phone. That you could use at any time i mean damn apple ketchup by the way.


So when it comes to the software there is no doubt that iphones is reliable. But samsung you can just do so much more with it and customize. It like crazy which actually does just make it feel better for example on samsung’s home screen. You can have any arrangement in the world but iphone just constantly restricts you and snaps. the apps back into place on the other hand it does make moving a bunch of applications much easier than on the samsung. So when it comes to the home screen there are definitely pros and cons for both. But samsung a bit more pros the crazy thing is with samsung you can have an always on display. A custom lock screen a custom cold background and split screen in just about any app. And with the iphone 13 pro max you get none of those absolutely nothing even though you’ll probably get up to about six years of updates with the iphone. And only four with the samsung the fact is you’ll probably still be able to do more with the samsung so s22 ultra takes this one.


Now this is something you don’t really think about straight away. But is actually quite different in both these phones and that is vibration. So when it comes to phone calls or alarms the vibration is good but very different on both of them. But the biggest frustration has to be on the keyboard. Because iphone doesn’t have keyboard haptics so this is super close but the fact that. iphone still to this day does not have keyboard haptics is. So frustrating trust me so samsung take this one.


Time to talk about the chipsets and the iphone has an a15 bionic chip whereas samsung either has a snapdragon or exynos chip. Either way they all have super fast performance and can definitely handle just about anything. You throw at them whether it’s gaming image editing or a bunch of applications open but there will of course be some minor differences between all three. It kind of sucks that samsung have two different chips and the fact is they’re not exactly identical. And in some countries you’ll get the exynos in other countries you’ll get the snapdragon. So you don’t really get the choice both samsung chips are also not as power efficient as iphone’s a15 bionic chip. Which means the iphone definitely saves more on battery power this one is. So close but if i absolutely had to pick one it would have to be the iphone.

Quick Round

Now we gotta talk about some quickies and both these phones are water. resistant so whether you drop your phone in the bath or purposefully shower with it you should be perfectly fine. The s22 ultra is just water resistant up to 1.5 meters. Whereas iphone 6 meters so i think it’s safe to say the 13 pro max definitely takes this one. But i’m glad they are both water resistant that’s for sure on to the unlocking options with both these phones. And with samsung you can use your fingerprint which is high security a pattern which is kind of medium level security. Face unlock which is nifty but not nearly secure as iphone and finally the pin number. So that is four different options to choose from with the iphone. You either get a pen which you know it’s not the best or you get face id which is very secure. But i mean four options is definitely better than two so samsung takes this when you take a look at the build and design of these phones. I personally think they are both rocking and i will also say that the backs of these phones with that kind of satin finish. Is amazing because it does not pick up nearly as much fingerprints as most other phones so they both won this one.


As you may know both these phones don’t come with a charging brick anymore or a cover in the box. So bear in mind the price for the phone now is just for the phone currently on amazon in the states the price for the sweet ultra is one thousand one hundred ninety nine dollars. And the thirteen pro max comes in a hundred dollars cheaper so it wins this round. But not by much so there you have it i say in my opinion the samsung s22 ultra is the best phone of these two. But here’s an interesting fact even though this may just be the best phone in the world right now. Apple just keeps dominating the smartphone market worldwide year after year after year. It’s actually quite impressive so if samsung is making all the best phones why is apple making all the sales you guys let me know.

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