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Home » Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip and Z-Fold 3! Unboxing & Review

Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip and Z-Fold 3! Unboxing & Review

Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip and Z-Fold 3! Unboxing & Review

Hey guys, it’s Riyad, and I’m so excited because today, not only am I in one of my most favorite places in the world, I’m in Hawaii, I have two new devices here. I have the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3. And for those of you that don’t know, the flip phone is one of my most favorite Android devices of all time. There is just something so special about it. Just the way that you’re able to flip it open. I love the screen. I love everything about it. And a lot of these small complaints and issues that people have had with the previous versions, hopefully have been resolved in this new one.

Unboxing Z-Fold

So let’s unbox and check them out. Maybe I’ll take a little step back from this dock, because I don’t trust myself. I think I’m far enough away from the water that I feel confident that I can open this safely without getting it anywhere near the ocean. So let’s start with the Z Fold. Look at this. Oh man, I’m so excited. I wonder what color it is. It’s the phantom black. So this comes in three different colors. This, the phantom black, the phantom silver and the phantom green. I think I’m probably gonna purchase for myself the phantom silver. Although, this matte black does look pretty nice. Oh man. The first fold. (gasps) That’s slippery. So the thing that I’m most excited about testing out with this is the under display camera, and that’s gonna be the answer to basically getting rid of the notch. So obviously when the device is off, you can see where the camera is. But in the demo that I saw when they announced this phone, you could barely see it at all when the screen is actually on. Let’s see what else is in the box. Okay, well I guess you saw that first.

Features of Z-Fold 3

So the Z Fold now has S Pen support and it has a bunch of various views that you can use, with standard view, multi-view. To make multitasking even more efficient, it has a new task bar, and an access to the things that you need the most as quick as possible. This has a 120 Hertz dynamic amoled 2X 7.6 inch Infinity Flex Display with that really cool under display camera. It has 12 gigs of RAM, and you could choose between 512 gigs or 256 gigs storage options. It has a 4,400 milliamp hour battery. And yes, it does have a fingerprint sensor. It has a 12 megapixel ultra wide, wide, and telephoto, and the hidden cover camera is 10 megapixels. I love that they’re calling this an uninterrupted display. So the display is completely seamless and not interrupted by the notch. The camera is nicely hidden right under here.

Unboxing Z-Flip…

Now it’s time for the Z Flip. Aw, this thing is so cool. I also love all the little accessories that they have for them now. What color’s it gonna be, what color’s it gonna be? Oh, it’s the cream. Oh, this actually looks really good. (wrapper crinkling) So satisfying. Um, hi. Can I order some pizza, please? Let’s be real, I don’t actually talk on my phone. I like that they have a larger front display. This is gonna be so much better for actually reading notifications. You’ll also be able to get a larger view if you are taking a photo or taking a selfie.

Features of Z-Flip

So this little guy has an Infinity Flex Display. It’s 6.7 inches full HD dynamic amoled 2X. The cover display is a 1.9 inch super amoled. This has 8 gigs of RAM and you can choose between 256 and 128 gig options for storage. And it has a 3,300 milliamp battery. The thing that I like about this hinge now is it has a free stop angle. So you can kind of basically make this stop anywhere. So the hinge is a way more, I’m gonna say more flexible. Like, it’s more flexible, but it’s more flexible to you. Whereas you can do more things and make it stop at any angle, which is so cool. So this does have three cameras. There’s two on the front. We have a 12 megapixel wide and ultra wide, and the front-facing camera is 10 megapixels. For the one that I’m gonna purchase, I’m going to definitely be getting the lavender. It actually would match my hoodie.


So it’s actually kind of cool because Samsung was able to reduce these in price. So the Z Flip is starting at $999 and Z Fold is starting at $1799. Now, yes, that is still pretty expensive for smartphones. But I feel like for a flagship foldable, that’s a pretty competitive price, and man, I’m so excited to test these out. There it is, there it is, there it is, there it is.


So this is kinda my first time seeing the under-display camera. It’s so weird because, really, the only way to kind of explain what I’m seeing, is it looks like it’s just like the camera hole is all lit up. Like, I can see it. Like, if I don’t look directly at the camera hole, I can’t see it. But if I look at it like I see it, but like, I don’t see it. Am I doing a bad job of explaining it? See, look, you can see it, but like, you can’t see it. Well thank you guys so much for watching this quick look at these. I do plan on doing a further review. I am traveling and I am filming something really fun here. So hopefully I can get this review out soon, but I cannot wait to check these out.

Samsung has been doing such an incredible job with these devices. And now that this is like the third edition, I can only imagine that they’re gonna be that much better. I would love to hear from you guys. So in the comments below, let me know what you guys think of these devices. Are you excited about it? Do you have one? Did you pre-order one? I would love to hear it.

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