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Samsung Z Flip 4 vs iPhone 13 | Unboxing And Review

So, folks, let’s get going. Finally, the Samsung Flip 4 has arrived. This time, though, you should also remove your neighbors’ kidneys because Samsung phones continue to be more expensive than iPhones. Like the previous time, these two are each other’s rivals, therefore I reasoned that it would be worthwhile to draw comparisons between them. As a result, you can like this video for free if you enjoy the comparison.

Build & Durability

The major benefit Samsung currently has over the iPhone is that this phone can be folded, whilst the latter cannot. Additionally, this time around, the hinges have been modified, and there is currently a much smaller amount of creasing than there was previously. 

Now “as of now” since I previously bought two flips, one earlier and one later. Over time, the first flip got loose, and when I compared it to the second, I could clearly see the difference.

Problem with FLIP 4

Rest I have fold also And I don’t unfold it alot Even after that the mid crease have became too big And the biggest disadvantage that I feel in flip and fold That is you cant even remove the screen guard also If you remove it then the warranty will be voided And those who have done the pre booking of flip and fold They were getting screen replacement in 2K rupees For 1 year But now that is also increased to 6K rupees So this 6K rupees are not looking worth Although flip 4 have one amazing thing That its side frame is now improved If you see in renders then it will look almost same But in reality there is major difference Here the finishing is improved alot Rest its aluminium as we get in iPhone But its better than iPhone Because it will not loose the paint And the paint of my iPhone 13 have started to loose And I am saying this from my experience Because I have used flip also And I am using fold also , its been around one year And till now I havent noticed any such issue So here the samsung frame looks more solid Rest I want to ask a question to Samsung’s designers That why isn’t this sim trey is symmetrical ? Now in hand feel both the phones have difference Because iPhone comes with 6.1 inch screen size Whereas Samsung comes with 6.67″ screen size And it is also slim as compared to iPhone Rest in weight I havent noted much difference Both of them have good weight distribution The difference is only in aspect ratio Now if you want then you can fold the samsung and make it a small phone And keep it in pocket But these things looks less practical compared to fold Because in fold I can easily use the outer display Means there isn’t much need of unfolding it Whereas whenever I want to use flip then I have to unfold it On the outer side we get a small display On which you can know who is calling you or messaging you And if you attend you call from the outer display.

iP Rating

Then it will automatically use the loud speaker So here iPhone looks more practical And second reason is that I it comes with IP rating And samsung flip comes with a mechanism Although it is also water resistant But there are many people whose flip stopped working just due to some water And personally I have sinked the iPhone Then also its working perfectly So iPhone is looking more practical in day-to-day usage Rest design will depend on your personal preference That you like iPhone design or samsung But personally I liked the samsung design more And additionally it comes with victus+ protection And iPhone have custom corning glass on the back Although both of them are same.


But the strength of victus + is more So in the terms of innovation and design Samsung kills Apple But iPhone 13 is more practical phone And there is one more reason behind that That is display Here in iPhone we get the glass in front – ceramic shield Now it can get scratches But it will not get damaged from nails But as samsung’s display folds So they have used plastic Although many people call it glass also So I am sharing this with my personal experience That if you do gaming and all and your nail gets pushed hardly by mistake They this display can get damaged permanently So can get very big spends Rest it’s not only that samsung only have disadvantage in the display It also have very big advantage Like it have punch-hole And iPhone have a notch And I don’t know when apple will remove it In iPhone 14 also we are going to get a notch So who will purchase it? Although we have to purchase it for a video Rest the display that both phone shares is same But companies use different different marketing terms Samsung call it Foldable dynamic AMOLED 2X panel And apple calls it super retina XDR OLED panel Both of them are full HD display iPhone have the power of HDR 10 and dolby vision And samsung have the power of HDR 10+ But here the biggest advantage that samsung have is of high refresh rate And no doubt 120Hz feels smooth than 60Hz And it is my personal experience that The 120Hz is flip 4 performs more smooth as compared to flip 3 But there’s one thing Like no matter apple don’t have high refresh rate But the animation of system apps gives direct competition to 120Hz You will only note the difference at the time of scrolling Now a small example for those who believes on-paper things Here if we see on-paper then Samsung display is weak as compared to iPhone And both of them have 1200 nits peak brightness But when we tested it in reality Then samsung display was performing more bright at the time of streaming HDR content And the details we also better So don’t believe on paper things every time Although the small disadvantage that samsung display have is its aspect ration When you stream content on full screen Then small area it cutted from the side So we have just recorded the video And we forgot one thing Like no doubt Samsung display is bright at indoor But after going outdoor samsung becomes very hot And its brightness also drops majorly Due to which iPhones display have better brightness outdoor And in display samsung have one more advantage That you get a display in front also of 1.95″ Although in this display you can only see that who is calling you or messaging you As I said if you attend call from here then the call will be answered on loud speaker.


Although you can assume this front display as samsung watch display Because it even have the same wallpapers Now let’s talk about the main point Both of them are industry leading smartphone companies And both of them have flagship chipset So let’s check who is don So in samsung you get 8+ Gen 1 processor Whereas in iPhone you get A15 bionic processor And like every time This time also we started antutu on max brightness And in starting the temperature of samsung was more And our room temperature was 28-30 degrees And here in starting samsung took a lead in terms of CPU But in GPU both of them got a big competition again And while ending both of them got the score at the same time Although samsung displayed the score 1-2 seconds earlier Now here we wont compare the score because One is IOS antutu and another is Android antutu But the thing we have experienced all over was the processing And both of them were performing great in processing Rest about the temperature , it was low in iPhone And this time also Samsung’s temperature was noted more Means I have used a lot of phone of 8+ Gen 1 And this time also samsung have 1-2 degrees more temperature So I think instead of cooling system samsung gives a heater And as I said at the time of antutu the GPU was performing better in iPhone So where will it get applied? So we have done video rendering in both of them And the file we used was a 4K file 10 bit 60 FPS one It was the same camera file in which you are watching me And we exported 12 files with same settings And the iPhone did the export very early as compared to samsung And we noted a major difference So at these places A15 bionic performs better GPU have one more work and that is gaming Now in gaming both of them have amazing settings even they are same We played APEX game as BGMI is gone Why don’t this pain ends ? So the settings are same I both of them But the biggest disadvantage with samsung is graphics rendering Either we can say that the phone is new and isn’t optimized yet But here as you can see First I have noted a lot of frame drops And the samsung takes a lot of time in graphics rendering So I think this phone is not for gaming as of now And I also cant recommend it for future even if they optimize it Because you phone’s screen can get damaged by nails at the time of gaming.


So samsung have done a great job by using 8+ gen 1 And this time in comparison with A15 bionic I have noticed very less differences in 8+ Gen 1 Now I know many of you are waiting for camera comparison So we have moved that part to last We also need the watch-time But before that I want to ask one thing to mindful people When a 45K phone gives you a main camera , a ultra-wide and a macro camera Then why criticism is done on macro camera? Because these both phones are for 80K Both of them have only 2 camera And they don’t have telephoto So here also they have to do criticism Because we are getting that extra there Its not like that they are removing ultra-wide or main and giving you macro So if you are doing criticism they do it with 80K phone also not only with 45K Though let’s put them aside Both of them have Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V cameras Because both of them have 12 -12 MP main and ultra-wide camera But here sensors are different Because in iPhone you get Sony’s customized camera sensor And in samsung we get their own camera sensors And both of them have OIS and stabilization is good in both of them Rest samsung focuses on making the subject bright SO here you can see clearly Means Samsung have to work on dynamic range and details And apple is performing unbeatable And I will explain it better in the camera comparison which I will bring in a week So you can tell me in the comments that which third phone you need with them in camera comparison Rest in Opp. light samsung dynamic range becomes the worst And when both of them record in portrait video mode Then even the edge detection is better in samsung But the all over video quality looks good in iPhone Because Samsung make the video very contrasty And we also get the over sharpening as we used to get in previous series Other than this we have also captured the photos In samsung we get a bit high saturation iPhone shows very close to natural colours And on human skin tone samsung looks a bit strange Means iPhone keeps a little blue-ish tone whereas samsung keeps it red-ish Here personally I didn’t liked samsung’s orangeish skin tone Rest you can tell me in the comments that which skin tone did you liked But here samsung have better details Whether it is 12MP camera in portrait mode the edge detection is equal in both of them The difference is only in colours And in indoor the shutter speed of iPhone is still good Past is the proof as we are witnessing it from a long time And samsung sometimes at indoor focuses on brightening Personally at indoor I got many mixed results Sometimes iPhone was looking better and sometimes the samsung And if you capture the photo in low light Then samsung shows the photo more brighter But if you capture the photo of human Then it have over-sharpening on the face And we noted this last time also Rest in low light samsung’s camera performs better as compared to iPhone And both of them have 12MP ultra-wide The results were mixed Samsung have high saturation and more brightness Whereas on iPhone you get balanced colours And in dynamic range samsung is slightly better So in Ultra-wide samsung takes the lead Rest let’s talk about the front cameras They are different , its not like the back camera iPhone have 12MP and samsung have 10MP And here when we recorded the video Then samsung’s display became blurry Means it became black due to which we were not able to note the difference But this time the video quality of samsung is giving edge to edge competition Means I can say that samsung have given competition to iPhone in front camera for the first time Rest in portrait video mode as we got in the back camera Samsung does over-sharpening The all over skin tone in iPhone is good But the edge detection is more fine in samsung And in photos we got many mixed results If you capture photo in normal mode Then iPhone’s skin tone looks more good Even iPhone also have slightly better details Which can be the advantage of 12 MP Both of them does the light control in background very nicely But as soon as you switch to portrait mode Then both of them have amazing edge detection But iPhone makes it like if you have applies turmeric paste on face So that looks a little strange to me At this point samsung looks performing better And at indoor samsung just kills it It have better details and sharpness and the colours also looks better And the scene is same in low light And like every time as I say the front cam of iPhone is little weak than samsung And we saw the same here So all over the scene is simple in camera We got very mixed results Even if you take flip or iPhone You will see their cameras performing edge to edge.

Speakers & Haptics

The iPhone only have the advantage in the video The video quality of samsung is next level And samsung needs to improve the colours of their main camera Rest in comparison with iPhone I found 2 cons in samsung First is Speakers Here both of them have stereo speakers Firstly listen to the sound So samsung gives a very flat tone Whereas iPhone gives very rich sound So the speakers of iPhone looks very loud as compared to samsung And secondly the haptics of samsung are springy Like you get a lot of variations But still the haptics of iPhone are better.


And if we talk about the battery Then there is around 400 mAh difference in the battery Samsung offers you 3700 mAh battery Whereas iPhone offers you 3240 mAh And charging is also same in both of them Rest I haven’t discharged the flip completely yet Nor I have charged it completely Rest about the battery backup as much I have used they looks performing same And the battery backup of flip is improved from the last time as much I have observed Rest I will talk more clearly about the battery backup in my review So for the review of flip 4 you can subscribe to our channel.


Rest we also make other great videos you can check them too So now you guys tell me whether you liked flip 4 or iPhone 13 So if you ask me that you need a practical phone Then here I will obviously recommend iPhone 13 Because it is more practical phone Whereas if you need a secondary phone or a phone for show off Then no doubt flip is perfect for that I only have complaint with it’s display That it doesn’t break and now they have also made the insurance expensive Which type of days are these ? Earlier we used to purchase iPhone for show off And now we will purchase samsung flip or fold.

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